08 December 2009

Sooooooo Neglectful

i have been a very bad blog girl.
no posts in 8 days... that's like an eternity for me.  i like to post and like my blog.  i have been consumed with all kinds of other life things for the past week.

the best part is last wednesday i went to see my Neurologist for the first time in 9 months.  when i walked into his office he said, "you look great.  you look the most svelt and healthy i have ever seen you."  (thank you Isagenix).  rusty said i lit up like a halogen bulb... not sure what that means but i'll take it.  my dr proceeded to do my neuro exam and i looked great as usual.  it was awesome and motivating to hear how well i am handling life with MS, especially since April 19, 2010 will be 10 years since my diagnosis.  wow!

then, thursday morning rusty and gray left to drive to denver and jump on a plane to go to Virginia for the weekend.  so, it was Annie and i.  Annie is a dear and takes great care of me when rusty is gone, but she also moves at a pace that is 10x what i do.  every day she had an agenda and plans for us to do something.  we spent 12 hours on Saturday in Denver at the Nutcracker and touring backstage.  it was great, and luckily i didn't have to drive.  Kelly, my buddy, did that part for me.  we then got mani/pedi's and came home.  long day for momma.

needless to say, i have been falling asleep everywhere since.
but, today i am back... back on the Stampin' Up! and lousgoods blog wagon.

will post some photos in a bit.

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  1. Yea! You are back! Sounds like you had fun - love the holiday bags!