10 November 2009

Tonight... Blog Candy!!

Don't forget tonight is the announcement of the Blog Candy winner.  There are 5 entries right now, so ENTER NOW if you want a chance to win.

On Friday, Annie and i went to visit our friend Rochelle (istampicreateihavefun.blogspot.com) and came home with a new photo box and LOTS of fun ideas.  Annie proceeded to walk straight into the craft room and make this in about 15 minutes:

her own magnetic tic-tac-toe board.  i had seen this, but hadn't shown it to annie and she is the tic-tac-toe MASTER!! she was so excited to make this.
here is the inside:

she has already had so much fun with it! and beat several people...

so, have a good tuesday.  i'll post from Dallas.

1 comment:

  1. Annie that is so cute! I will have to play a game on your board!