24 November 2009

today's the day...

ok, today is the day...
back to work.  enough sleeping off the craft fair and dreaming of Edward Cullen (yes, i have seen New Moon twice and it was fantastic!)  here's what's gonna happen this week on lousgoods.com.  i will have pictures everyday of the HUGE Stampin' Up! Holiday Sale that is going on until Monday at 6pm.  i will show you many of the items on sale every day.  why don't i show them all, you ask?
because there are too many!! that's right, too many.

and i will be posting pictures of the things i have made with some of these products.
so. watch out for lots to see...

PLUS, if you place an order with me during this sale period i will give you FREE SHIPPING!
and if you place it on my Stampin'Up! website i will reimburse you the full amount of shipping... yeah!!

so shop away my friends... this is HUGE.

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