13 November 2009

TGIF from Dallas, TX

so, here is another card from our swap at Club last weekend.  this is Cindy Moynahan's card.
and here is mine:

plus here are the two cards i made for Gray's soccer coaches.  his party is Sunday and i will be too worn out to pull something together then, so i went ahead and got them made now.

and two more quick cards you may enjoy.
the first is the card i made for gray's birthday:

the inside simply said 'holy crap.' (i still can't believe he is 12!)
and finally, these DARLING cards that my friend Kathryn just whipped up last week while we were randomly making some cute stuff.  they are for her twin boys Parker and Crosby:

so, have a great weekend.

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  1. Great post, love the cards...that's wierd, I did not get either of the cards from you or Cindy..maybe they will be in our orders??? Hope you are enjoying yourself..