11 November 2009

oh those crazy cats...

so, first i have already shown you the cat climbing in the Photo Box while i was taking photos:

and then this morning i walk downstairs and find my photo box looking like this:

although i know Melannie (the sweet Calico girl) loves the photo box, i had a strong stinking feeling that she was not the culprit.  these photos and the attitude and casualness this kitty exhibits is more of what i suspected in the perpatrator of the smashed Photo Box:

can you see the cockiness of him?  the boldness? the comfort of a male kitty who sleeps with his entire belly exposed all the time?  he is the KING of our house.

so i was not surprised when this is what i discovered later:

Caught... White Pawed.  oh wait, that could be either kitty, since they both have signature white dipped paws.  oh well.  atleast they are the cutest balls of fluff ever... makes me smile.

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