06 November 2009

lazy with a capital L

i guess i shouldn't really call myself Lazy, since i do have MS and all.  but this week was such a Lazy week for me.  i did almost nothing until Wednesday.  i almost finished the entire Twilight series (AGAIN... and boy are they better the second time!) and played a lot of Farm Frenzy on my iTouch... but that is about it.  i felt mopey and blah!  just very, very unmotivated, uninspired and somewhat worthless.  silly, i know.  but felt that way, regardless.  luckily, this hunky guy pulled me out of my pity pool and dried me off (he says he will always be my lifeguard...):

and standing next to him is my now 12 year old son!!  (who was a Black-Eyed Pea for halloween...)
how did Gray get to be 12 so fast? how is it about to be 2010?
where does life go?
anyway, i just know the next 6 years are gonna FLY... and we'll be talking college (hopefully) before i know it.  hold on tight, friends... life is too short.

so sorry for the belated posts, but i was too busy wading in my pity pool...

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  1. What great creative costumes! I like the balck eyed P. How fun!