17 November 2009

the countdown begins...

and we are getting here in our one movie theater in Winter Park:

MIDNIGHT on thursday night... i am there!!
and did i already tell you i just read them again for the second time.
they were even better than the first.  so good.

how can you not lust after this face?
and if anything, the way he talks to Bella, all husky...

oh yum!

had a wonderful time in Dallas by the way, with my girlfriends.  it was perfect weather. dani was the perfect host and her family is so great.  the older boys are darling and those babies... you could just eat them. if you are my friend on Facebook you can see pictures of them.  otherwise, sorry.

have a great tuesday.
i am getting ready for the FVMRD holiday artisan fair this weekend.
i'll have a booth so come see me!

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