15 October 2009

so excited...

i can hardly contain my excitement...
can't you tell? i am AWAKE before 7am!!
(well the main reason is that Rusty was hollering in the shower this morning because he knew the answer to the 'Stump the Sage' question on KBCO... the answer was Cheap Trick, of course.  and... he couldn't get through the phone line.  he was freaking out!)

anyway, i am feeling SO good and SO creative. 
LOOK at my new blog header.  i made it... yes, i did!

it finally took a 30 day free trial version of Photoshop to accompany My Digital Studio
to make it happen.  i had looked and looked and looked all over my new computer and all over the internet to find other ways to crop and insert the header without Photoshop, but my efforts were fruitless.
to do anymore advanced work than what the MDS offers, you need a program like Photoshop to accompany it.  but that's ok.  i have 30 days before i have to fork out the $79 for the full version.  i got the Photoshop Essentials because that was all i needed.  the full Photoshop CS4 is dang expensive and probably way more than i can understand anyway.

so, let me know what you think!!  i would LOVE to see some comments to let me know what you think of the new header...

have a great Thursday!
will be posting some cards in a little bit (as if i could sleep now!)

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