21 October 2009


yes, i am alive and SLOWLY... recovering.  overall, i feel much better but this crud is just so potent.  it sticks around for a while and takes full rest to get over.  so if you are not a restful, take it easy kind of person you will by SOL if you get this stuff.

don't have any new ideas to show you but do want to post my lastest promotions i made with My Digital Studio.  man, i am loving it and already thinking about what our Christmas Card 2009 will look like.  i love the idea of sending digital christmas cards for many reasons:  1. it's a hectic time of year to make 150 homemade cards 2. saves paper when you know 95% of them just end up in the trash and 3. with the new My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up! making it so easy and so cute, why not!!??!!

so here are my promotions till the mini catalog expires:

and yes, these promotions apply to Internet Sales as well...
so order away if you are so inclined.
and have a great Wednesday.


  1. Can you make it bigger? I can't read it. I want to buy something from you...........
    : )

  2. click on it and it will be HUGE. i tend to load huge files and they are big when you look at them individually.