19 October 2009

rename swine flu

man, instead of Swine Flu they need to rename this stuff Suck Flu... because it really does.  Gray and i are so sick with this stuff and it is awful.  he has had the fevers and horribly coughing.  i have had a tight, tight chest with sore lungs.  sounds weird but that is what it is.  my whole rib cage is sore, actually.  i can see how someone who is immunocompromised could die from this stuff.  luckily MS is the opposite of immuno-comprimising.  it is immuno-superpower.  meaning that because it is an autoimmune, my immune system is on overdrive and is attacking itself, plus all this Suck Virus.
i feel for folks who would have a super hard time fighting this stuff.
Go Away Suck Flu!!


  1. Now that viruses become hybrid, our immune system must be efficient enough to fight against it. It is a necessity to take vitamins and other essential nutrients as defense to avoid acquisition of diseases.
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