14 October 2009

my kind of day...

i think i have just about had my perfect day.  it is 3:11 and this is the day i had:
1030am woke up - have to do that lots because of my MS

1130am consultation - spent a couple of hours with this great business consultant, from a company called cfo2go.  he helped me write a business plan and set goals for my business this year.
(yes, i know that the fiscal year with Stampin Up! starts on July 1.  it has taken this long for me to figure out exactly what i want to do.)
he was so knowledgeable and really dang cute.

truly though, rusty really helped me with my business plan and figuring out where i want to go and what i need to do to get there.  he said i am a hamster on a wheel (in the most loving christian way possible, of course) with ideas but need to get off and get some work done to actually make money.
pretty good advice, huh?

so then, i contemplated all he said while i did a forward bends yoga video with Rodney Yee.  love his style and forgot how much since i didn't get to take any classes from him this year at Yoga Conference.  he was not there and someone said he is injured and rehabbing.  anyway, he's always on DVD!!

next i am planning a baby shower scrapbooking event coming up the weekend after this next one and it should be super fun!

have a great wednesday evening with your family.
see you tomorrow.

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