11 October 2009

mad skills that annie has

merry sunday...
overcast cold day here.  church was nice but sparsely attended.
always do i have the intention of posting a blog every day, but...
i get so dang sleepy or i have too much on my calendar.

so here are a few photos of the cards we made friday night.

this card was cased entirely off this (here) card that my dear Mary Fish made.
i altered it to make it look like a christmas card, even though
the original mary made could be a pretty and classic christmas card too.

but remember how i was commenting about the new people who were attending my club
friday night... you should see the amazing idea one of the new girls came up with.  and, this was an incredibly creative gal who has just never stamped.  she turned this image into mistletoe...
don't worry i'll be creating a version of her idea and posting.  it was DARLING.

here was our halloween 3x3" card.  i am not into halloween cards but i do LOVE how cute some of the halloween graphics can be.  this one with the dog is so funny.
and the inside has the little scalloped punch bite mark:

also, we did a 2 page 12x12 scrapbook layout but i will show how cute that turned out tomorrow.
have to go work on our order now.
THANK you to all who attended.  it was a nice big party.

before i close though i MUST show you what my 9 year old daughter made saturday,

this is one of those magnetic bookmarks that has a fold at top, like a card and magnets on the inside to hold on to the page you are currently reading.
i am SO blown away by her creativity with the design.
she's got MAD SKILLS, as her daddy would say.

so again, merry sunday!

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  1. Hi Lou! I didn't even know you had a blog! Besides the lous goods one that you have had for along time. This is exciting! I will post it on my blog! Stcaey's challenges are so fun, I love doing them! Great cards by the way! And Annie made a great bookmark too!