22 October 2009


gotta love your friends.
so on monday, as i lay in bed hacking up a lung my buddy sue shows up with a 'present' and she can't stop giggling over it.  i open the Marshall's bag to find the lovely shirt in this photo:

 i immediately thought of the set of twilight stamps that my sister, Emily, gave me for my birthday and knew they would be the subject of a blog post.  (is it wrong to think in terms of blogworld?)
so now i have the cool t-shirt to go with the stamp set to go with the movie that is forever playing in my craft room to go with the twilight book series i am reading again (but this time on my Kindle... another AMAZING piece of technology!!)
so enjoy... and dream of pale, cold vampires tonight!
did i mention i had forgotten how good the books were?? guess i have seen the movie too much to remember the raw intensity of bella and edward's relationship in the books.  ooohhhh... makes me blush.

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