30 October 2009

is it a holiday?

don't worry... i haven't died from the swine flu (even though it is still making me super sleepy!)  i am just back to regular life and playing catch up with appointments and house responsibilities and all that good stuff.  not to mention this silly holiday.  is halloween a holiday? what a strange event it has turned into.
so, i am off to Middle School conferences, after having the first band concert and dance this week. annie is taking charge of all the halloween activities, as she usually does, and has us running from one event to the next. and we are supposed to have soccer in Denver tomorrow.  too bad they got like 100 feet of snow or something down there... crazy.  we only got 75 up here.
have lots of ideas busting through my head.  next week should be a good crafty week for me.
and in honor of hitting 1000 hits in less than 2 months on my blog... i will be giving my first BLOG CANDY starting next week, so check back regularly.
happy halloween (whatever that means!)

1 comment:

  1. What is blog candy? I think I want some. It was good to see you at church and yes i did get the card. Thanks for the support.