05 October 2009

i am in heaven...

it's here.  i am on it right now.  and it's heavenly.
a new 15" MacBook Pro.
it's so pretty and so cool.
what is it about just carrying around the box in the mall that makes you feel cool?
these apple folks are on to something...

anyway, here is my morning photo.

i know you are thinking first, GREAT HAIR!! and second, what person would post a picture of themselves that looks like this??  well, this person that's who!  just so you can all get a laugh, at my expense!! true self sacrifice.

now, be patient with me as i play with new blog headers and such.
made one last night, but as you can see, it doesn't fit.
will be learning and playing and changing lots in the next weeks, months...

thanks for visiting.  happy monday.

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