07 October 2009


i am awake.
after two solid days of sleeping, i finally feel like myself, at about 70%.
that is what being a solo parent, traveling, getting up crazy early and going, going, going does to me.
it makes me sleepy.  that, my friends, is my biggest MS issue.  not bad, huh?
so today is crafting, stamping, prep day.
i am having my monthly club friday night and we invite guests.  well normally we get one or two but this month we have about 5 so far who are attending and one of them has never stamped.
not a big deal, except i need to be extra attentive to a newbie and make sure my projects are AWESOME so i can hook some more folks to the love of stamping!! that is my goal... and boy is it fun.
i will add some pictures later of what i am working on today, but wanted you to know i am awake today and in my craft room. and on my new Mac.  love.

also, does anyone out there know how to make a blog header in My Digital Studio?  i did it, as you can see, but can only get it to be 8.5x11.  needs to be more like 6x15 to fit up there well... HELP!! haven't found that MDS has customizable size options yet.  hmmmm.

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  1. Good morning sunshine! Good to read your blog since I do not text anymore. You can text me though. I miss it. Your page is looking good. LOve the photos. What a handsome young man. Who's hostessing the stamp club this week?