27 October 2009

decor elements

so u busted out the Decor Elements that i have saved for some free time.  and while Annie was away doing my Stampin'Up! work for me at the baby shower, i decided to put them up.
wait until you see this:

over my work space is the BE decor elements and then i added the Flutter butterflies next to it.
these are all vinyl rub-ons basically that you apply to the wall.
they rub on and are harmless to the wall or paint.  they come in different colors and different sizes and are great for a short period of time, say in a kid's room, or for a long time like in my craft room.
i also added the definition of craft above my 'punch' wall:

isn't that great?  if you think these are interesting and want to see all the cool designs they have for your walls, go to my Stampin'Up! website by clicking on the 'Order SUp! now" below my signature.
and here is the whole room at a distance where you can see how cool they look:

i'll post the Deals of the Week in a little bit, so check back soon.

p.s. i am home with a mildly sick girl.  poor annie!
we are watching some movies to get her to rest.  it is not easy.

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