25 October 2009


so here are the 'real' pages i created from the images i pre-designed on MDS.
did i mention that is a GREAT way to use MDS?  you can experiment on cards, scrapbook pages and more without actually cutting up pieces of paper or wasting embellishments.  i really like it for that.
the pages are in order to match their original design.  as you will see, i did change them up a bit as i worked with actual paper:

plus these two that i didn't show the MDS version of:

All these pages i added photos of my friends Theresa and Mike and their precious daughter Isabella, who turned 1 on october 7th.  Theresa hosted the baby shower today and i let her have these 5 pages as a thank you gift for inviting me to lead the scrapbooking.

so, Annie is there now doing the Stampin' Up! demonstration for me.  i really have to remember sometimes that she is only 9 years old and not 19.  she is so funny and adult-like.
THANK YOU annie for being willing to do my job.

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