07 September 2009


i will have a link to www.lousgoods.com for now, but in the future, it may be NO MORE...
we'll see.  i just can't decide.  i don't get orders off of it, it's just for folks to view and get ideas so... WHY, WHY, WHY then did i pay for 3 blooming years of it.  money wasted... when i could have gotten this darling blog on blogspot a year ago for FREE... yes, free.  what a moron i am with money sometimes.  when will i learn to slow down and just take things a day at a time.  maybe when i'm 40... but that's still several years, so we'll see.  maybe never, but that's even farther...  hmmmm.
if i could make www.lousgoods.com look just like my blogspot i would be very happy. i like having lousgoods, my own thing.
this is consuming my life. so let me post a card to make you all want to come back...

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