30 September 2009


so i go to the Yoga Conference and do lots of yoga and lots of walking.  this is the kind of thing that would put me in the bed for two days, just because i don't walk everywhere i go and i don't do LOTS of yoga on a regular basis, as i should.  but, this year was different and i didn't hit the wall, as i refer to it, until TODAY! the one day i had plans to stay in my craft room crafting ALL DAY!!  so, after the kids went off to school i went back to bed with what felt like an elephant on my back and slept all day.  No, i didn't craft all day, i said... i slept.  i know this is my MS issue, but i don't like sleeping the day away.  and i guess it's better than not being able to walk, not being able to see or not being able to have control of my bowel or bladder (another post...)! so, if that's all i get is fatigue then i'll take it and keep learning how to balance it everyday.

here are the 2 scrapbook pages my group did this month.
they were NOT designed by me, they were designed by the lovely Sue Seemann of
check her out.

and besides all the Stampin Up! products, we did pull out another die cutting device i have to cut out the letters and numbers, and a few small leaves.  i haven't broken down and bought any letters for the bigshot since i have this other device, but never fear... i will!!
also, we used the Big Shot leaves die with the super cool Wood Sheets for the leaves.  gave it a cool fall touch, don't ya think?
happy wednesday.

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