23 September 2009

some more?

i can't believe that in all the excitement over my craft room yesterday that i forgot to mention one very important thing... it's been SNOWING here for 3 days... yes, snowing.  i do live in the mountains of colorado at 9000' but we rarely have 3 solid days of snow with accumulation on the first day of fall.  this is the kind of weather we get in a month or two.

the kids came home from school yesterday and hopped on the trampoline with the snow on it.  they thought that was really funny!

and my back deck has a couple of inches on it and it is still coming down.  plus,  it is COLD! i am not a fan.  i like it cold, especially with my MS, but not freezing!  it is usually fairly comfortable because from end of october on we have the insulation of several feet of snow on the ground until April.  brrrr...

so, here are some more pictures of my craft room... i was in there last night and it is SO fun to work in.  it feels right.  i am very happy and will post some pictures this week of the cards and pages we made at Stamp Club last week.



Heading off to the Yoga Conference in Estes Park, CO this weekend.  so, no posting.  i will post some cards tomorrow so you'll have some crafts to look at while i am gone.  And next week i'll be playing with My Digital Studio a lot, so you may see some cute things on here...
have a good Wednesday.

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  1. I have never seen it so organized and clean! WOW - looks great!