16 September 2009

Crash, Boom, Bang...

so, today got out of my hands so fast... but i found SO MANY cool things for my craft room, that i will be using tomorrow to hang punches, decorate with!!  so, no pictures of craft room yet... but Deanne and i got a ton cleaned out and i am feeling pretty doggone good!  i swear it is the Isagenix products i use.  isagenix+MS=healthy, happy lou.  if you want to know more about them email me please.
so i will quickly post a few pictures then tell you about my evening and the TWO hour thunderstorm that got me up from my early evening NAP (yes, Mom, that is why i am posting at 12:12am)...

pretty, happy Upsy Daisy Card... on of my favorite sets of all time.  
for all you SUp gals reading, this was obviously before July 1 because it was made with Baja Breeze Ink and Urban Oasis DSP... missing those colors quite a lot.  don't mention RHR or i may just start to cry... esp w christmas coming!!
don't mind the little dirty orange finger print... this is the card i used to demo with at Club and it got messed up.  you still get the jist of how dang fun it turned out...
so, as many of you know i have a 9 yr old daughter who has Anxiety that stems from Weather mostly.  Tonight we had an, 'honest to blog' (name the movie... my favorite!!) TWO HOUR thunderstorm.  some of you may think... so... but up here high in the mountains, they are usually past in 10-15 minutes.  this one was a doozy.  continuous lightening then thunder crashing and sometimes the next lightening would flash while the thunder was still banging from a moment ago... not a good night for my sweet girl.  BUT... as she is resiliant as always... she made it through and made it through with flying colors.  gotta love it when they are just tough!
so, good night.  i am off the bed.

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