29 September 2009


you MUST go down to the 28 September Post and click under comments...
then see that i have a personal comment from MARY FISH!!! yes, THE mary fish commented on my blog!!!
for those of you that have zero understanding of my excitement, it is because Mary Fish is the Bomb!  she has done in ONE year at Stampin' Up! what others take 5 years to do.  She was #24 Demonstrator of the Year and the #1 Rising Star.  She started as a demonstrator when i did and now she's IT baby!!  truly.
having her comment on MY blog is like starting out in music and suddenly getting a blog comment from John Mayer OR OR OR starting out in minor league baseball and getting asked for your autograph by oh, i don't know...bad analogy... i don't know any new stud major league baseball players!  anyway, you get the Jist.  she rocks and she likes me, so now i rock.  thanks mary.  you're the best.
and for anyone who wonders who she is and wants to see her awesome blog... www.stampinpretty.com
she's my idol.

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  1. ha ha ha - You and Mary, Susan and Dawn.....who's for me? Juda was always my favorite.........can I have your autograph now?