10 September 2009

in memory of my tooth...

so i just had my first crown put on a tooth... and i shouldn't say first, i might not have another. it sure wasn't bad like i expected... but the novacaine is just starting to wear off. i'm not the slobbering fool that bill cosby portrayed anymore. remember that skit? so damn funny. another funny was my husband, witty as he is, keeps saying i got my tiara put on today... cute huh?
so here are some things i made one time:
this was a custom made clipboard i made for a woman who loves black & white.
and these are the cutest things...popcorn bowls made out of rolls of tickets...
i mod podge them to seal them from butter and salt, plus then they keep their shape.  i can't claim creative genius on this one, saw the idea in Family Fun Magazine.  thanks FF.
so, some cute things in honor of my tooth...

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  1. Okay...I want a heart clipboard...that is sooooo cute, never saw that one...glad things went well, I have only had one crown as well. I must say that I would rather go to the gynecologist than the dentist, just my personal preference but there you have it..