14 September 2009

happy Monday

today is 'CLEAN OUT THE CRAFT ROOM DAY'... woo hoo!! believe it or not, it still looks like what it did in those photos from last week.  i haven't been able to touch it or do anything... except grab various items to help with homework, or pick up the ribbon that Ollie (cat) has managed to string across the floor. my friend, organizer-extraordinaire Deanne is coming at 10am, with supplies in hand, to get us started.  She went to one of those large everything stores last week to get some items to help w organization in there...
it's gonna be a long day.  AND... this cleaning out and organizing is exactly the kind of thing that will have me on my butt for the next two days, recovering.  for some reason, i have learned this summer that the simple act of cleaning out old junk and putting things in new places is VERY draining to an MS brain.  
atleast this MS brain!
so, now onto some cute craft pictures:
this is the guest book i made for an angel...
a Season of Friendship Spring Card
and a Season of Friendship Fall Card
have a happy Monday...and i'll let you know how much we were able to accomplish tomorrow...
whew...i am tired already.

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  1. Woo hoo, hope it is going well...let me know if you need help getting ready for Thursday; you are welcome to come over here anytime and get things together...Suz