12 September 2009

happy, mellow, 'twilight' kind of saturday...

went to a lovely wedding today, but couldn't attend the reception as i would have liked to.  storms were overhead and my daughter has anxiety about weather.  was such a lovely and special wedding.  one to remember, best to you both Chelsey and Kevin!!
also went to a soccer game, my son's, and he had the first and only goal on his team... great job Gray!  unfortunately for our team, the Avalanche, the other team scored on us the minute they got the ball back so the game ended 1-1.  it's ok. it was a GREAT showing by our kids.
when i say it was a 'twilight' kind of day, that is what i say when it is drizzling and overcast.  it instantly reminds me of the books and movie Twilight because of the rainy weather in Forks.  did i mention one of my sister's gave me a set of Twilight stamps for my birthday... awesome!!  i had seen some online that were not very good but these are the bomb.  i will make some fun cards out of them soon and post.
so, to keep with the theme of crafting, here are somethings i made sometime ago:

heading to church tomorrow.  Youth Sunday... LOVE those.  
High School kids are my favorite aged kids in the world, well besides all the other ages of people too... ha!  but, i always look forward to the once a year they get to shine...
have a great Sunday!!

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  1. Glad to hear the wedding was great, I bet she was beautiful! Can't wait to see the Twilight set...enjoy the day. Suz
    P.S. Love the new header!