09 September 2009

Cat Hair or Dog Pee?

so my craft room is in a state of uproar... actually i will go take  a photo of it so  you can see what i mean.  it is all straightened up (ha!) so that the carpets in there could be cleaned yesterday.  actually, straightened up is not the correct term.  it has been turned upside down.  meaning EVERYTHING is now off of the floor... and ON TOP of the bed and desks... i just wish i could snap my fingers and it all would be completely organized and tidy.
the reason the carpets had to be cleaned drastically is that my precious pooch, maggie, is a very nervous girl (or nervous nelly, as my husband calls her.)  and... when she gets too worked up, she pees IN MY CRAFT ROOM.  (or has diarrhea, but that is another post.)  so, we have to have the carpets cleaned in there pretty regularly.  since, cat hair is always an issue with my projects and the various adhesives i use, my question of the day is: which is more of a problem, cat hair in finished work or the lingering smell of dog pee??  gross.

1 comment:

  1. Dog pee. It lingers and lingers and lingers. Cat hair on a project can me seen as awonderful additional embellishment that one does not expect..........Go away dog pee.