22 September 2009

The Big Reveal

ok, so you know you are on to something when your mother calls you and asks you if you are still organizing.  you quickly think, organizing, well i am but what made you think of that, mom? (and i LOVE her response...) well, you haven't posted to your blog in a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!  gotta love it... thanks for the support MOM!!
so, in all your excitement over my craft room, and boy have we done wonders, i took LOTS of pictures to show you... so here it is.  (and you can scroll down to see the 'before' pictures to be reminded of what it had become recently...

Same room, different day...

with a new 'work island' that i can stand around, since i am becoming a standing crafter, especially when mod podging...

look, a bed someone can actually sleep in!!

and the cleanest desk EVER in the history of www.lousgoods.com! wow.

and the cool picture of the punch hangers i got from Mary Fish on www.stampinpretty.com.  (thanks Mary!)  we don't have an Ikea in colorado, so i couldn't get the rods like hers.  but my handy local Ace store, owned by two Stampin' Up demonstrators as well, had a substitute.  these are merely towel bars... so brilliant!

and one close up now of my stamp shelf, which is new... (another Ace product).  i have a wonderful system i designed myself if you are interested in hearing it. i can post it one day soon with more pictures of how it works.  i had gotten to the point that simply looking for a favorite stamp set wasn't working anymore.  Now i have an inventory book with a letter and number code that makes it possible for me to get my hands on a certain step in minutes... nice.

enough for now... will post more pics and a card in the morning.

have a great Tuesday evening.

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