19 September 2009


so my craft room is ALMOST DONE... and i keep thinking i need to post on here, but want to wait until i have a completed craft room to show you.  what is more of the addiction, wanting to post? or wanting to keep cleaning out my craft room?  it's been SO FUN cleaning out and seeing what i have... wow!!  my friend Deanne is blown away by the volume of supplies i have, and truly, i don't feel it is too many... at what point do i say enough?  the answer is, "I have NO idea..."  the thought of not purchasing crafting supplies is scary...

so, on to a card:

 this was a little enclosure card i made last spring for a swap.

and this is my FAVORITE cased card ever (that means idea taken from someone else.)  And i didn't just CASE the idea, i cased the card completely, top to bottom, EXACTLY like it looked.  i LOVE it!!  Wish i could remember where i saw it.  Thank You to whoever came up with this design.

Have a Great Saturday. 
Had two soccer games already.  Annie's team won 5-0, Gray's lost 0-5... but Gray's team was playing a team that had kids up to 15 on it.  One kid was 6'1"!!  Amazingly beautiful day in the mountains, though.  Perfect for Soccer.  Heading back at 2:30 for another game of Annie's.

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  1. huge! so organized! love it! and your creations!