11 April 2009

Swore i wouldn't...

i said 'i wouldn't'... i said 'i can't'... i said 'i don't have enough time'...
and here i am...
creating a BLOG!!
but i feel to be 'visible' in the crafting world i now need a blog other than my website and my SUp! website. i will now just need to remember to post on it and talk about crafts. not just life, kids and venting... but crafts. those are the things that i call my hobby and my side business yet NEVER seem to spend enough time doing. crafts are the one token thing that i can obsess over very fast, can horde away never to be touched, can fall asleep reading about... crafts! all kinds: card-making, scrapbooking, gift-making, knitting, and much, much more!
so, world, here i go...

1 comment:

  1. Hey woo.
    Great site! Like your blog! have you gotten new orders yet? I definitely want to talk to you about some cards for me.

    You should also check out etsy.com...they are an all things handmade online community...I have found loads of stuff on there as gifts, etc. Right up your alley!
    love ya